11 - 12 SEPTEMBER 2019

On 11th and 12th September everything is ready in Bibione for the lights to go up on the most famous wine and typical food festival, which has been entertaining tourists during harvest time for over 30 years.

SeptemberFest is definitely the most eagerly awaited wine and food event and one of the most important dates in the whole of the Bibione tourist season. Created in 1983 by the Bibione Association of Tourist Property Agencies to welcome the last summer tourists in a period usually dedicated to the grape harvest, SeptemberFest has grown over the years, with new life each year and lots of innovations.

At first it was reserved for agency clients, but for some years the September wine festival has been open to all.
For two days Piazzale Zenith will be transformed into an open-air food and wine salon where, from 7 pm – 11 pm you can taste characteristic wines and dishes from Bibione and the Veneto region. It is a real profusion of colours and scents, accompanied by live music, by games for kids, by artisan stalls and traditional objects along via della Luna. Cabernet, white wine and Pinot Bianco from Lison Pramaggiore and the Bervini winery are distributed from open barrels.

You can taste them in special “SeptemberFest glasses, given free with an original wine bag to clients of A.B.I.T. Associated Agencies (on sale for all tourists) which will be a great souvenir of Bibione. Typical dishes include roast pork, sardines with polenta, boar, salami, sopressa, “frico” (a potato and cheese torte) and calamari.

These 36 years of the SeptemberFest will also be remembered for their great innovations, like the original idea of letting those who want to watch grape picking and the harvest in a winery that is part of the Lison-Pramaggiore Wine Route, just a short drive from Bibione.

There will be a great party atmosphere with lots of live music and fun for kids, with a free tourist train, acrobats, fire-eaters, clowns and jugglers.

Finally, on 11th September at 11 pm, there will be a grand finale with fireworks to music, a unique display that delights everyone, young and old people, year after year.